Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

I Want Red!!

I Want Red!!

I think super sweet days if my hear red. So a while back i tried to dye my hair a reddish color and i was so scared waiting the 30 minutes for the color to stick cuz it was my first time doing it and i didnt want anything extreme just yet....so when i washed it all off, to my surprise...it looked exactly the same!!! =/

This time around i tried going slighty lighter and again nothing stuck so im pretty frustrated cuz ive always wanted titanics-rose/moulin rouge-satine red hair! so anyway i used revlons
colorsilk in dark mahogany and the girls hair on the box looks so puurrrdy but hey i guess lesson learned right? dont try to do extreme colors at home =P lol has this ever happened to you??

so this is what it came out to look like...(nothing like the box) it just looks like i got a glaze

i will try again soon hopefully i dont damage my hair so much +_+

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