Jumat, 12 Februari 2016

Day Spas and Salons compared

Are you seeking to improve your appearance or maybe simply get hold of a little bit of pampering?  In case you are, you will be curious as to what your options are.  Typically, you will find that hair salons and day spas are perfect alternatives.  You can additionally, but, be curious as to which one is the great.

The fine manner to determine in case you ought to visit a day spa or a salon is to have a look at what they're.  In your convenience, each day spas and salons are highlighted under.  This important data assist you to determine wherein you should make your subsequent appointment at.

As for salons, they may be additionally commonly known as hair salons or splendor salons.  Speaking of splendor, that is their important purpose.  Folks who go to beauty salons frequently have one goal and that is to enhance their bodily appearance.  Further to simply searching their first-rate at every time, bridal celebration individuals and those attending a prom or some other special event, frequently go to splendor and hair salons.  In keeping with the cause of splendor and hair salons, the main aim of all people is to have you go away searching your quality. 

As for what services are typically supplied at hair salons and splendor salons, you may locate a few variances.  With that stated, there are a few commonplace methods and services presented.  The maximum popular is that of hair care.  You may get your hair styled, cut, highlighted, dyed, or get a perm at a beauty or hair salon.  Extra offerings offered encompass manicures, tanning, and hair removal.  As a reminder, the services which you benefit get right of entry to to locally will range depending at the salon.

Day spas are similar in nature to salons; but, they may be additionally very unique.  As it turned into formerly stated, many people visit beauty salons to improve their bodily look.  The identical may be stated for day spas, but most customers are seeking to enhance their common health and health.  As an example, a complete frame rub down can help to lessen strain.  An natural or dust frame wrap can help to smooth, purify, and detoxify the frame.

As simply stated, natural frame wraps, dust body wraps, and massages are three commonplace offerings presented at day spas. These are not the simplest offerings and methods that you may gain access to.  Different famous options encompass hair removal, foot remedies, hand treatments, and body scrubs.

 Any other massive difference among day spas and beauty salons is the programs that are available. It is quite fee to find a splendor salon that gives you with convenient, moneysaving applications. As an alternative, in case you want to get your hair cut or get your eyebrows waxed, you may probable be charged the full quantity for each technique.  This is a touch bit exclusive from maximum day spas.  Maximum day spas offer more than one packages.  These programs generally tend to consist of as a minimum 3 one of a kind processes or services. 

If you still aren’t positive whether you should visit your neighborhood beauty salon or an afternoon spa, you may no longer must make a selection.  There is a manner that you may get the exceptional of both worlds.  Some establishments within the united states are known as day spas and salons.  These mixture centers are very famous, as many women and men see them as one-forestall pampering.  How top notch would it be to get a full body massage, followed by using a haircut or even just a shampoo?  As formerly said, many day spas provide applications.  See in case your nearby day spa and salon has applications that integrate splendor with rest and pampering.

Now which you understand what some of your alternatives are, whilst looking to both get an afternoon complete day of relaxation and pampering or improve your look, you'll be curious as to how you could study your options.  Salons, day spas, and mixture institutions often advertise online or in nearby phone books.  Don't forget, be sure to inquire about treatments and services to be had, in addition to their fees earlier than making an appointment.

Jumat, 11 Desember 2015

I Want Red!!

I Want Red!!

I think super sweet days if my hear red. So a while back i tried to dye my hair a reddish color and i was so scared waiting the 30 minutes for the color to stick cuz it was my first time doing it and i didnt want anything extreme just yet....so when i washed it all off, to my surprise...it looked exactly the same!!! =/

This time around i tried going slighty lighter and again nothing stuck so im pretty frustrated cuz ive always wanted titanics-rose/moulin rouge-satine red hair! so anyway i used revlons
colorsilk in dark mahogany and the girls hair on the box looks so puurrrdy but hey i guess lesson learned right? dont try to do extreme colors at home =P lol has this ever happened to you??

so this is what it came out to look like...(nothing like the box) it just looks like i got a glaze

i will try again soon hopefully i dont damage my hair so much +_+

The Good and The Bad

My first article talking about The Good and The Bad. Exactly I'm beatiful women. This article just inspired by a post on dulce candys youtube vid where she talks about things that she hated about herself and things she loves about herself...heres my take--->

Okey, The Good and The Bad abou my self

3 things i dislike about myself...my nose...ugh i have a weird bulby nose i got from my mom, ive always gotten compliments on how "cute" it is but i always wanted a nice thin nose...oh well

my legs...ive never liked my legs either, their knock-kneed and thick(not in a good way) and i guess i had a weird growth spurt cuz i got stretch marks on the back of my knees which i was always conscience about when i wore skirts or shorts...

hmm and the last thing i dislike is the fact that i always say no to the wronge ppl and yes to the undeserving...im a sucker for saying no to ppl that can care three flying rats about me but when it comes to close friends or family i dnt hesitate...i guess its just my way of dealing with approval but for 2011 imma try to change all that!!

now for the nice things----->
one thing i do like about myself is my heart....on the outside i may appear indifferent but my heart always is kind and loving and will prob give anyone a second chance, i dont think i ever want to change that...id rather die than live a cold hateful and resntful life!

numero dos...i like my hair, its can be super curly and bouncy and shiny and soft, and it can be pin straight and silky... (this is something recent cuz in high school i hated my air cuz i never knew what to do with it)

the color of my eyes: their lite brown with flecks og green and gold, cept noone notices them cuz i wear glasses, but i love when im at the beach and the sun is in my eyes and my boyfriend says how beautiful my eyes are...that just melts my heart and i make a big girlish sigh!

what are your three likes and dislike?? comment below plz!!!